Yeah guys ... I'm in NZ


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Here you can review a listing of all jobs I've done so far.

  • Paihia - FRANK'S Pizza Bar
    Job description : Waiter, Kitchenhand, Dishwashing, Cleaning
    Wage : 11,50 $ / hour
  • Hamilton - Tradestaff
    Job description : Tradestaff is a company that provides you with many different types of jobs letting you work on a just in time base meaning you can get a job for one day or more.
    Wage : depends
  • Hamilton - Hygienix SPC
    Job description : Panneling of Tissues and Papers
    Wage : 11 $ / hour
  • Hamilton - Jump NZ Ltd
    Job description : Isolation of roof beddings with the use of fiber glass wool - Nasty stuff that itches all over
    Wage : 11 $ / hour
  • Hastings - Pear picking Orchard
    Job description : Make your way through trees picking pears and consuming a lot of it while listening to some fancy music. Actually one of the best jobs so far
    Wage : 12 $ / hour
  • Hastings - Vineyard work
    Job description : Ripping the leaves of the vine trees at 35 degrees Celsius while there is absolutely no shadow.
    Wage : contractor work (3-4 $ per row) incl. sunburn