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Propecia Rally New Zealand 2006
Here are some pictures of the Rally. I haven't made a lot of pictures of the rally because I rather filmed it. You know...moving cars and the sound and that stuff - it's not the same on a picture  

Here we have Marcus Groenholm speeding on the SS17 :

Manfred Stohls WRC Peugeot - He finished 3rd ! :

The P-WRC Champion in His 2006 Subaru WRC

Here we have the Xsara of Dani Sordo, Loeb's teammate :

The Stobart Team's WRC Focus on SS 14...

Afterday Service after Leg 2 on the Focus of Mikko Hirvonen :

A P-WRC car passing by at high speed on SS 3:

You could get really close to the rally... This is made with no ZOOM !

Midday Service on Sordos Xsara :

This is the Zero Pace car announcing a Rally car coming in on at racing speed. Before This car are two other cars, the tripple zero car and the double zero car which are looking for dangerous things on the track and clearing the stage for the zero car. 

A P-WRC Lancer EVO IX flooring it on Stage 4 :

An Evo VII tacking a slight left turn on SS 7 :

That are nearly all pictures of the rally... you have to look forward for the movie itself... there'll be some really thrilling WRC action