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Hell let's do it !

Hey folks ^^

So you probably wonder how things are goin' on with my dad n' bro... Pretty well so far. We travelled with my van through the south of the North Island and the north of the South Island. Sounds pretty funny... but with 14 days available there's not enough time to drive through whole New Zealand. On the map it looks all quite small... but have you ever heard of optical illusions - Australia is just way too big to let you see what New Zealand has to offer ! This country is actually twice as big as good ol' Germany. So we had to keep things quite fast which wasn't always good for the, not my dad My van of's built in 1989 so its nearly as old as me. Quite funny to think of it. So I have a question for you... What deos a car, in this case my van consume the most ? a) oil b)fuel 
Answer :
Well actually both. The fuel consumption lies at around 13 to 14 liters at an average speed of 100km/h at a distance of 100 km. Quite nice, huh ? Now comes the oil consumption, make sure to sit down on your arse : - 2 to 3 litres on 300 km ...
Quite impressive I think... And because New Zealand is quite big and we havn't got a lot of time, we had to travel round 5000 km in 14 days... Was quite a funny experience and I think I will apply for the Guiness Book of records regarding the most refuelments and oilchanges in 14 days - CHEERS 

Our challenge tour started in Auckland and stoped first in Hamilton for a tyre change. My father was a little afraid of sitting in a van going on narrow straights at 100 km/h with slicks. Well tyres are expensive so I had to get them funded by family...Nice tactic
With a delay of 20 minutes we went on through Hamilton to our first destination in Taupo where we'd stay the first night on journey...nothing special except that next day we went a little up near Rotorua where we visited the geysiers and other stinking sulfur stuff. Funny thing is the geysir thingy. Normally it would errupt every 48 hours or so but to show it every day they put normal plain soap in it and it errupts. Well how did they come up with it ? Once there was a prison nearby and some prisoners where sent to that area to wash their clothes and as they poured in some soap (quoatation of the guide) "Whoops....prisoners everywhere" Yepp these New Zealanders have quite sure a nice sense of humor - I like !
With that behind we made our way over Napier to Wellington where we'd take the ferry toward Picton on South Island. It was quite a nice ride in the evening with a spectular sundown in the fjord area of Marlborough country. I am not kidding thats how its called over there... On Southisland the first nights where more functional to get to Fox Glacier. In Arthurs Pass the van started to loose imense power so I had to change spark plugs which went somehow baldy wrong. With only two cylinders out of four working we managed to move through the steep hills to Franz Josef Village where we'd put it into service to fix my mess...Of course Murphies law had to apply and it was Holiday so everything was closed down. I couldn't get what I've done wrong so in the evening I checked the engine myself again and voila it went as new...Until today I don't really now what went wrong but it finally worked and I saved 200 bucks on a mechanic.
The following days we spent round the glaciers where we booked a nice scenic flight that covered both glaciers, the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier. That was incredible... You'll probably see that stuff when the movie is gonna be ready for audience. In the evening we then went on a two hour guided quad bike tour through the Glacier rivers. That was extreme fun. After this adrenaline filled days we went further up on the west coast towards Westport. There we decided something first seen as a joke but which became quite fast reality... How about a Sky Dive ? With that in mind we just checked next day if there is a place available - Five hours later we sit in a plane speeding at some 200 mp/h in a 50 to 60 degrees angle. We three guys sat in that airplane wrapped to other guys to jump out of a flying plane at an altitude of 4300m. With the thought of this beeing my last activity in New Zealand we jumped out...

WOOOOOHOOOOO was my immediate response as you fall out of the plane in the first three seconds with this freaky feeling you get in a Roller Coaster when running downhill that won't stop until some other 6 seconds later. Than you just think you're a windows or nothing blocking your 360 view of the earth...everything is so small you could squeeze half of the town in you hand...30 seconds past...still in the freefall you feel the adrenaline giving you tunnelvision, you think you're out of your body....faster, faster....200 km/h but everything is unreal...50 seconds pass, the chute opens...your vision is still going at 200 km/h but your body is beeing stoped. As you realise that you're hanging in the ropes a rush of endorphines run into you're head...youre the luckiest guy in the world...nothing and I mean NOTHING is better ! As he twirles with the chute you feel the g forces pulling you down and you prepare to land. I couldn't realise that I was standing on real ground again..."Second jump for free mate ?" "Haha...yeah you wish"
AWESOME FREAKIN' AWESOME...I gotta do the license when possible...
With the rush lasting some three days we're now back in Auckland where finally tomorrow after a really exciting two weeks family is going home again and the studies await me.

Hell yeah...we did it !

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Caro (17.2.07 15:06)

Chris (17.2.07 18:25)

Hört sich ja nach nem coolen Road-Trip an ;-)

Wir hatten hier gestern ein Jahrgangstreffen...Immerhin so 25 waren da. Ganz schon unverschämt das du niocht mal kurz auf n Bier vorbei gekommen bist ;-)

Wie ist denn jetzt der letzte Stand mit der Film-Schule?

Rock on

Maddin (19.2.07 04:09)

Pictures kommen bald, muessen at home nurnoch vorbereitet und geschnitten werden
Ansonsten hat ich hetue meinen ersten Tag in der Uni abgeschlossen und ich muss sagen dass es ziemlich cool is. Viel praktische uebungen etc, ich werd aber mal denk ich gegen ende der woche n summary blog ueber meine erfahrungen schreiben.


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