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Busy month in Art Deco style !

Because I am waiting for my fellow family members I have plenty of time writing a blog so here we go. First of all it is a really busy month with a lot of work and planning and as it turned out though I don't believe in horoscopes a brand new opportunity should arise.

Hawkes Bay is a really nice Region including the two art Deco cities Napier and Hasting with Napier being the one that really matters. But well as it is I was presumed to stay in a working hostel in Hastings far way from any scenic town centers and events. It doesn't really matter 'cause I am here for some fancy work. I quite didn't like the idea of working on an orchard. My imagination included hot weather and exhausting supervised work. I wouldn't wonder if my imagination included some slave drivers. As it turned out it should become by far the best job I've had so far. The contractor was a really nice guy giving us the opportunities for several brakes and providing us with tea, coffee and pancakes or muffins. Further the work itself was quite easily. You just had to pick the pears from the trees and cause you were paid at an hourly rate you could go at a moderate speed. I also enjoyed listening to my mp3 player while working so the 10 hours per day went by like nothing. It was a really cool job I must tell you. Then came the vineyard work. It was the total opposite (Only the fiberglass wool work was worse). It was contractory work so you had to hurry and brakes you could forget. Added to that came a constant sunshine on you burning you alive. Not even factor 50 suncream could have changed that. I say if the payment would have been alright then I would be glad to do the work but no...even if you hurried like a rabid dog you would make approximately 6 to 8 $ an hour ! So I am glad that the work didn't last for very long.
With my last day in Hastings before family comes from overseas I went to visit Napier. I must say its one of the nicest towns I've seen so far. Everything is in the Art Deco style and everywhere are little parks with palm trees and what soever. A typical small Spanish paradise town as you imagine. Furthermore I visited the biggest Ocean Aquarium in the southern hemisphere as I was told. It somehow turned out to be a flop like the Hamilton zoo and I bet there's a bigger one in Sydney or where ever but I already learned it makes no sense to argue with the Kiwis.

According to a horoscope in the newspapers in a certain week in January a life steering opportunity should rise. Well I quite don't believe in horoscopes but somehow the Kiwi horologist have to be good in this kind of job. As a matter of fact I enrolled at the New Zealand film academy in Auckland for a 3 month study course. Normally this requires a valid TOEFL test and medical exams and so on. I just asked by email if there was a slightest chance for me though I have none of the above things. Adding to that I was already 1 week overdue to the deadline for applications. Thats what I start liking about Kiwis. Its this easy way of life. Everything turned out to be not of a problem and I got a place starting on February the 19th. Everything I had to do is talk to the manager over phone to prove my English skills. No TOEFL no medical exams just a phone call and the application itself...hurray !

So thats all of the good news. Now back to the actual problem that allowed me to have 10 hours of free time to write this blog. I left Hastings on January the 27th to head for Auckland Airport to pick up family. According to the exact time measurement they should arrive in the Arab Emirates flight EK423 on January the 28th at 14:15. I arrived at 13:00 at the airport not knowing that I would spend some nice 10 hours chewing on my fingernails and being nervous what happened. at 16:00 the flight EK423 disappeared from the arrived planes list and still no trace of family. But the plane either they must have missed the plane or they are stuck at the immigration office - Maybe they told me the wrong DATE ?! With that in mind I went to the Airport information center and asked for a passenger list. Sorry sir but this is classified data and only in case of emergencies it is published to public. WTF ? This is an emergency...I need to know if they were on that plane. With another guy approaching me I realized that it would be better not to argue about that and wait at the entrance for signs of intelligent life forms...probably not that intelligent. At 23:00 I left the Airport with the feeling that every minute they would be released from police custody for state conspiracy or whatever left stranded on the airport with no one to pick them up. As it turns out this morning I get a nice message from my father indicating that they are fine and waiting for their connection flight from Brisbane to Auckland. Yeah right...they gave me the middle European time for there arrival, of course. Well now I'll be soon on my way to the airport again. Hopefully this time I'll return with two more people in my van...

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Caro (30.1.07 18:37)
so who's coming? your dad and brother?very clever of your dad to give you the european time Maybe finally we'll see some pics of you, because someone of your family can take it!!! We're still longing for it you know. The film academy thing sounds great, I have to do an english test in May...I would be as happy as you if I could skip it...hope to hear from you soon.take care

Maddin (9.2.07 04:05)
Yepp Dad 'n bro...well now its several days left and they will leave again and time for studies...awsome ^^

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