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Happy New Year !

Hey Guys 'n Gals ! 

I wish you all a happy new year. May all your hopes and wishes come true and shall no one be ill or sad. Thanks for the many congratulations to my 20th birthday.

Now to all who are interested some fairytales round my christmas and new year in New Zealand.

CHAPTER One : Christmas
I enjoyed the christmasdays over here very much. As you allready should now christmas is celebrated back here on the 25th of december. 24th was more a shopingspree for the ones who still havn't bought any presents. Normally back home this would include me as well but thanks to a nice distance there is no need for buying presents this  - or since its 2007 - last year. I rather enjoyed a cozy day back in the hostel with some fellow travellers (the mixture of people included people from China, Japan, Ireland, Scottland, England, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and some more I can't recall). With so many different people you wonder how everyone is normally celebrating back home so the task was consisting of sharing different christmas spirits and traditions which caused in one or the other point some good laughs.
Except the Africans and New Zealanders for everyone else it was a strange feeling celebrating christmas during summer. As it turned out the weather shouldn't be any different from the good ol' European one.
This means on the 24th heavy rainfall started which wouldn't end before the 26th with a small brake of 4 hours during dinner on the 25th. With the rain falling the summerly normal degrees of something between 22' and 26' droped to a fresh 13' to 15'. So in the end christmas was propably the same as at home with the difference that during the rainbreak we sat outside in the garden and enjoyed a superb christmas dinner consisting of surprisingly lamb and ham. For dessert there where the for Australia and New Zealand famous Pavlovas a cake made of beaten eggs, cream and sugar...lots of sugar. Funny story is that every nation, if it is Australia or New Zealand claims to have invented the Pavlova. Well I guess actually some Russian immigrant invented it but to avoid a national crisis I rather kept quite about that topic and just enjoyed the festivities.
With everything so far beeing more or less simmilar to our homely traditions there was one thing rather surprising to me. Christmascrackers - another invention by the industries to make money  'cause I coudn't get the spirit of that at all and neither did anyone else who wasn't from Britain or any other simmilar country.
A cracker is a huge looking candy with an attached C4 string (Allright its probably not C4 at all but it produces a small "bang" ) and some breathtaking present in it plus a luxurious hat and a marvelous joke.
What it really is - First thing it doesn't explode at all...the stuff didn't work really well (We had to pour some liquor on it to make it "explode" )
The breathtaking present was a crappy plastic whatever better described as rubbish (Even the Kinder-Ei has better stuff !) The luxurious hat is some silly paperthing no one really nows for what (Probably if the toiletpaper is empty ?) and ah...yeah the joke hell I tell you I couldn't hold my breath. Here an example : What wears a house ? - Adress
Allright I stop complaining...despite the crackers it was a really wonderfull christmas experience.

What I nearly forgot... you have to watch "A nightmare before Christmas" by Tim Burton. Awesome peace of animation. The theme won't get out of your head and the creatures are very well done - especially the Pumkinking rockz hard

CHAPTER Two : New Years Eve
For new year there isn't that much to tell as that many people got drunk as always. We went into town where we stayed until it turned to 2007 and went home where I celebrated my birthday with someone else

Next day when I went into the kitchen many partygoers where laying in the corner with a nice headache... 
and some where still drinking... As you can see its everywhere the same ! For 2007 I didn't make any new years resolutions at all... I'll just declare some happenings in 2007 as ones so I don't have to bother.

In other news I am leaving Hamilton after a long and nice stay. Now its time to go on and visit Hastings and Napier - some nice Art Deco towns. Further I'll look for some work at a Vinyard if possible... at least I know one thing - no more fibreglasswool.

Have fun everyone !

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eine schöne Beschreibung Martin ,kann mir die Tage richtig vorstellen,vermisse noch evtl. paar Fotos von Deinen Abenteuern ,TCDS Gee Geee

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