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Merry Christmas

So X-Mas is finally coming nearer and nearer. Well until a few days ago I didn't now what I'll be doing on Christmas day. At the hostel are five other people that haven't had a clue as well what to do. So we merged together and will have a nice party on boxers day.
I think it will be a little strange celebrating X-Mas without the cold rainy weather one is used to in Germany
Despite the nice weather we have here and you don't all christmas proceedings are exactly the same. Everyone is shopping, everywhere are commercials with christmas special offers and the giftwraps are printed with Santa and his raindeers ... Or snowy pinetrees and all this stuff. It seems they just imported the European stuff 'cause you wouldn't normally imagine Santa coming in his full clothes to such a warm place. Well who cares... as long as the people spend their money !
Last sunday the annually christmas parade took place. I thought it would be a good idea to take the cam and make some shots from a distinguished place. Funilly my shots seem to be better then the ones on the news beacause I had found a position about ten metres above the parade where you could overlook the whole thing without any heads in front of your lense... Maybe I should've sold the tape. Just kidding

In other news I finally found a job. I managed to get into the portfolio of Tradestaff. So my jobs vary alot. You can check the jobs now at the "Worklog" categorie in the linklist to your right. The jobs here are really hard with normal shifttime of 12 hours at a rather poor payment. The last job was especially nasty with the task of fitting out the roof with a fiberglass wool bedding. This shit is worse then asbest. I mean when you work with asbest you get cancer but at the time you work you don't feel it. But with this fiberglass stuff you have the feeling of dying from horrible itching from the first moment you touch it. And for such a work you get as well just freakin' 11 $ an hour !

Unfortunatelly my car has again trouble and I have to put it to service on monday. It seems to produce more and more exhaust burning failures so I tried to unplug the sparkplugs for a swift cleaning. Unfortunately the things where stuck !!! This must not happen to sparkplugs... crappy little things. And the brakepads have to be changed as well because one week ago the brakes started to sound like a huge freightrain. 

To distract a little from all this X-Mas trouble I went to the cinema to watch the new Bond movie. I have to say despite my very sceptical approach this movie is actually one of the best newage Bondmovies going back to the roots of the former style. This is the movie that should make the bad movies to be forgotten since the movie after hillarious Goldeneye. Though I think that the casino scene is a little too long ... and as many here now how Texas Hold'em works it was no wonder what bonds final hand was - Was just a little too obvious. With the movie beeing to me a real hit Daniel Craig still couldn't convince me as the new Bond. Probably its the fact that the movie shows Bond in his begining and he isn't yet the much experienced British player of her majesty. I'll decide about Craig after the next Bondmovie but for now thats written in the stars - or not.

Hope you like the nwe update. If I don't see you until X-Mas and New Year (how obvious ) I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Ah yeah, before I forget... I wrote a lote of Christmascards but as it seems I wasn't the only one doing so. The guys at the postoffice said that they won't be home before 14th of January

Well the effort counts

15.12.06 23:06

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Alex (16.12.06 22:46)

I do not agree with you over the new bond. It was tough action, especially hiring the Parcour Champion for the first scene. Otherwise I believe the guy is just too hardcore, too much muscles, not the good old times. I mean when Sean broke the neck of sombeody with ease. And what annoys me is the fact that Craigs pumped up body was shown more requently than the girls :-(

Maddin (18.12.06 01:01)
Well as I said... I am not cinvinced by Craig... but you have to take into account that its the "first" Bond. Of course he will never revive the past days of Sean.

Christian (18.12.06 16:47)

I also liked Casino Royal a lot. It being a remake of the first Bond, they did a good job with the story (without missing out on the action!!!). They could have left out one hlaf hour towards the end but apart from that the movie was great. Craig....I suppose nobody can really say whether he´ll be the next big Bond or whether he´ll just make two movies and head of again. Time will say if he goes in one line with Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.

Maddin (18.12.06 21:09)
Well actually I think he will never go into the line of Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. But at least he could be better as Timothy Dalton. At least he is better as the first suggestion for the new Bond who should have been a black guy...that would've been freaking awfull. A second movie will be most likely beacuse Casino Royal will hit the ticket offices I think quite well. It is in fact a movie that brings some little old style in the cinemas. What you see most in cinemas at the moment is too much forced new age Hollywood crap - at least most of it.

Alex (19.12.06 13:10)
But what do you say about all the hidden product placement in the movie. Bond drving a Ford!? Gimme a break!! That is definitely new age stuff. Yet, I agree that they will try it another time at the box office. The ladies like the guy

Maddin (19.12.06 21:50)
Well actually product placement is how it will work in the future. I think that it is all right as long as it is "hidden" like in James Bond. Well if you're not that dumb you recognize it but still it is not that much that it would drag from the film itself. In the future I think some films we be more a big commercial than a movie. But thats they way it will be. The companys are looking where to get as much money as possible and product placement is a gold mine. With all the special effects you should think that filmmaking is becoming cheaper because you don't need to build all the stuff in real. Just use a blue or greenscreen. But in fact to make a movie is getting more expensive because you need more and more specialist. As well as you have to be always up to date with the newest digital technic and as you now the new computer is one month later an old one.
With the fact that Bond is driving a Ford... well he changed to the Aston Martin afterwards. I was a little disappointed as well but he drove as well once a BMW didn't he ? In all movies it finally came back to the good ol' Aston Martin.

Christian (1.1.07 15:27)
Moin Maddin.
Alles Jute zum Geburtstag und Happy New Year.

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