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First steps in NZ

Finally I got to write a blog...
I am totally shirty because the bloody internet in this cafe is awfully slow and the comp keeps crashin' all the time...and a Spanish bitch keeps talking on the next comp in Skype as if no one else is in the room So the only pictures I could resize and upload are a really small selection of the first week in New Zealand. You can see the Auckland Skytower by night...the Skyline of Auckland and some surrounding routes round Auckland an Paihia...nothing very important. Trust me I have a lot more beautiful and better pictures... I'll post 'em later, 'cause today I don't feel anymore for getting angry... So well, my stay in New Zealand is until now pretty nice. The flight was pretty chilly and because the plane started at night and landed in the morning two days later, there was pretty much no jet lag at all. First thing I recognized in Auckland is that there are too many Asians and Germans. So i bought me a nice van (Mitsubishi L300 98') from a nice Kiwi ... Driving here is quite easy 'cause there is not much traffic. Though the gravel roads can be quite challenging. I took my van and went down to Paihia where i hoped to get a nice job and so I did. Worked in a nice Pizzabar where a Czech cook was working... Pizza and drinks for free as much as you can. I also engaged a little in the volunteer fire fighter service in Paihia and joined some nice trainings. In days where I had off work I traveled 'round Northland from beach to beach. One looks quite nicer as the former but after the fifth beach you keep the cam pocketed because its still the same...looong sand beach with small islands in a bay with blue water and all that stuff...just like you imagine a nice trip to Fiji or wherever. Inlands tropic forest alternate pine forest at all distance. And guess whats between the forests... some really long green plains with plenty of sheep. Quite nice to look at. Now I am back in Auckland but I'm really looking forward to leave it... this town doesn't belong to NZ says even the ordinary Kiwi. I'll take course on Hamilton for the WRC and after that I'll look for some work at either an airport, casino or well everything else I can get.

So thats so far everything for today...
have to look for a nice place to stay overnight

8.11.06 05:31

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