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First steps in NZ

Finally I got to write a blog...
I am totally shirty because the bloody internet in this cafe is awfully slow and the comp keeps crashin' all the time...and a Spanish bitch keeps talking on the next comp in Skype as if no one else is in the room So the only pictures I could resize and upload are a really small selection of the first week in New Zealand. You can see the Auckland Skytower by night...the Skyline of Auckland and some surrounding routes round Auckland an Paihia...nothing very important. Trust me I have a lot more beautiful and better pictures... I'll post 'em later, 'cause today I don't feel anymore for getting angry... So well, my stay in New Zealand is until now pretty nice. The flight was pretty chilly and because the plane started at night and landed in the morning two days later, there was pretty much no jet lag at all. First thing I recognized in Auckland is that there are too many Asians and Germans. So i bought me a nice van (Mitsubishi L300 98') from a nice Kiwi ... Driving here is quite easy 'cause there is not much traffic. Though the gravel roads can be quite challenging. I took my van and went down to Paihia where i hoped to get a nice job and so I did. Worked in a nice Pizzabar where a Czech cook was working... Pizza and drinks for free as much as you can. I also engaged a little in the volunteer fire fighter service in Paihia and joined some nice trainings. In days where I had off work I traveled 'round Northland from beach to beach. One looks quite nicer as the former but after the fifth beach you keep the cam pocketed because its still the same...looong sand beach with small islands in a bay with blue water and all that stuff...just like you imagine a nice trip to Fiji or wherever. Inlands tropic forest alternate pine forest at all distance. And guess whats between the forests... some really long green plains with plenty of sheep. Quite nice to look at. Now I am back in Auckland but I'm really looking forward to leave it... this town doesn't belong to NZ says even the ordinary Kiwi. I'll take course on Hamilton for the WRC and after that I'll look for some work at either an airport, casino or well everything else I can get.

So thats so far everything for today...
have to look for a nice place to stay overnight

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Hamilton Gardens

I escaped from Auckland !!! After beeing stuck in a trafficjam for over an hour I could engage my journey to Hamilton. Because there is fortunately a motorway conecting Auckland and Hamilton it took only 2 hours to get here. I decided to settle for two days in a nice backpacker called J's. There are some marshals and volunteer helpers from the WRC and one is German so I could organize a trip with him to the stages - that means no enerving search for the stages , YAY ! I had real luck that I arrived yesterday because the backpackers was celebrating some anniversary and there was a big party for free ! The highlight was a grilled sheep. The whole thing was stuck on a spear and turned for 6 hours around its center. Tasted really good. I really have to attend more of this kind of partys. One Maori guy on the party told me that its best beeing in a rural area because they celebrate really often something with a big sheep BBQ.

Was yesterday in the Hamilton Gardens and it was really cool. You can follow the link in my linklist. So it's about a huge garden which is combined out of several types like an Itallian garden or a Chineese one, etc... Have made a lot of pictures but I still have to figure out how to subdue the uploading and resizing problem.

Greetings Martin    

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WRC Popecia 2006 New Zealand

So finally the rally is over. It was a weekend of driving not just for the rally drivers but for me as well. The stages of every leg where sometimes in a distance of 70 km to each other forcing every bit of attention from you because of its partially gravel pattern and the windy turns. Thursday was the ceremonial opening but I couldn't really enjoy it because the carpark was closing down at 6:00 PM and I had to drive to the first stage. There I stayed overnight with another bunch of rally freaks enjoying their and my time. Though the first stage was a little foggy it was pretty fun watching the car emerge with its loud exhaust noise out of the fog to take a long lowcut left turn to disappear again leaving a cloud of dust and gravel. With the last car passing the viewing point it was time to get back into the van and drive to the next stage. Unfortunately there was a little problem - the keys where locked in the car. So I had to get a rusty wire from the sheep fence and tried half an hour to open it until the car gave up and returned my keys. Well I think until then I wasn't that bad to my car that it had to lock me out. Probably it new what was coming the next days With the keys returned I drove to the next stage having the chance to get as close as possible to a WRCar passing at a speed of approximately 140 km/h. That I tell you was real rally feeling. With this nice stage finished I had to get to the Event Center Mystery Creek where the Super Special Stage 1 was held. To get there in time and not being bothered by reading the map I followed the Qatar Rally team on its way to the service park. Was really exciting trying to hold pace with a real rally car. Arriving just in time it was rather disappointing to see a SSS made for just one car and not like regularly for two cars at a time. After that a worker from the rally HQ joined me and we drove that evening to the next leg where we would sleep. It turned out that the chosen position was crappy and I drove about five kilometers on the rally track to get to a better point. Unfortunately it rained next day and the rally was more mud than gravel. We left just after the WRCars passed and didn't watch anymore the P-WRC. Unfortunately the parking place was muddy as well and I got stuck 3 times. Next day at the last leg it should be better. Driving on Saturday to a nice sunset to sleep at the stage again I met some crazy folks from Swiss. Partying all night the next day should be the best Leg of all. The viewing point covered an area of 1 kilometer where the track descended to the sea. At the last stage of the rally I got stuck again and this time a jeep had to pull me out destroying my side mirror. Bad luck that was. The ceremonial finish made the loss forget with Groenholm being first followed by his teammate Hirvonen. Third place was given to the Austrian Manfred Stohl. With the cars leaving some P-WRC drivers did some burnouts and donuts giving the rally its final cut. Yeah thats so far everything from the rally.

Now I'll have to look for a job to refill my money


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Picture update

There is a new bunch of pictures to be checked out @ WRC and Common !

- More to come soon ! -

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