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Hell let's do it !

Hey folks ^^

So you probably wonder how things are goin' on with my dad n' bro... Pretty well so far. We travelled with my van through the south of the North Island and the north of the South Island. Sounds pretty funny... but with 14 days available there's not enough time to drive through whole New Zealand. On the map it looks all quite small... but have you ever heard of optical illusions - Australia is just way too big to let you see what New Zealand has to offer ! This country is actually twice as big as good ol' Germany. So we had to keep things quite fast which wasn't always good for the, not my dad My van of's built in 1989 so its nearly as old as me. Quite funny to think of it. So I have a question for you... What deos a car, in this case my van consume the most ? a) oil b)fuel 
Answer :
Well actually both. The fuel consumption lies at around 13 to 14 liters at an average speed of 100km/h at a distance of 100 km. Quite nice, huh ? Now comes the oil consumption, make sure to sit down on your arse : - 2 to 3 litres on 300 km ...
Quite impressive I think... And because New Zealand is quite big and we havn't got a lot of time, we had to travel round 5000 km in 14 days... Was quite a funny experience and I think I will apply for the Guiness Book of records regarding the most refuelments and oilchanges in 14 days - CHEERS 

Our challenge tour started in Auckland and stoped first in Hamilton for a tyre change. My father was a little afraid of sitting in a van going on narrow straights at 100 km/h with slicks. Well tyres are expensive so I had to get them funded by family...Nice tactic
With a delay of 20 minutes we went on through Hamilton to our first destination in Taupo where we'd stay the first night on journey...nothing special except that next day we went a little up near Rotorua where we visited the geysiers and other stinking sulfur stuff. Funny thing is the geysir thingy. Normally it would errupt every 48 hours or so but to show it every day they put normal plain soap in it and it errupts. Well how did they come up with it ? Once there was a prison nearby and some prisoners where sent to that area to wash their clothes and as they poured in some soap (quoatation of the guide) "Whoops....prisoners everywhere" Yepp these New Zealanders have quite sure a nice sense of humor - I like !
With that behind we made our way over Napier to Wellington where we'd take the ferry toward Picton on South Island. It was quite a nice ride in the evening with a spectular sundown in the fjord area of Marlborough country. I am not kidding thats how its called over there... On Southisland the first nights where more functional to get to Fox Glacier. In Arthurs Pass the van started to loose imense power so I had to change spark plugs which went somehow baldy wrong. With only two cylinders out of four working we managed to move through the steep hills to Franz Josef Village where we'd put it into service to fix my mess...Of course Murphies law had to apply and it was Holiday so everything was closed down. I couldn't get what I've done wrong so in the evening I checked the engine myself again and voila it went as new...Until today I don't really now what went wrong but it finally worked and I saved 200 bucks on a mechanic.
The following days we spent round the glaciers where we booked a nice scenic flight that covered both glaciers, the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier. That was incredible... You'll probably see that stuff when the movie is gonna be ready for audience. In the evening we then went on a two hour guided quad bike tour through the Glacier rivers. That was extreme fun. After this adrenaline filled days we went further up on the west coast towards Westport. There we decided something first seen as a joke but which became quite fast reality... How about a Sky Dive ? With that in mind we just checked next day if there is a place available - Five hours later we sit in a plane speeding at some 200 mp/h in a 50 to 60 degrees angle. We three guys sat in that airplane wrapped to other guys to jump out of a flying plane at an altitude of 4300m. With the thought of this beeing my last activity in New Zealand we jumped out...

WOOOOOHOOOOO was my immediate response as you fall out of the plane in the first three seconds with this freaky feeling you get in a Roller Coaster when running downhill that won't stop until some other 6 seconds later. Than you just think you're a windows or nothing blocking your 360 view of the earth...everything is so small you could squeeze half of the town in you hand...30 seconds past...still in the freefall you feel the adrenaline giving you tunnelvision, you think you're out of your body....faster, faster....200 km/h but everything is unreal...50 seconds pass, the chute opens...your vision is still going at 200 km/h but your body is beeing stoped. As you realise that you're hanging in the ropes a rush of endorphines run into you're head...youre the luckiest guy in the world...nothing and I mean NOTHING is better ! As he twirles with the chute you feel the g forces pulling you down and you prepare to land. I couldn't realise that I was standing on real ground again..."Second jump for free mate ?" "Haha...yeah you wish"
AWESOME FREAKIN' AWESOME...I gotta do the license when possible...
With the rush lasting some three days we're now back in Auckland where finally tomorrow after a really exciting two weeks family is going home again and the studies await me.

Hell yeah...we did it !

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Busy month in Art Deco style !

Because I am waiting for my fellow family members I have plenty of time writing a blog so here we go. First of all it is a really busy month with a lot of work and planning and as it turned out though I don't believe in horoscopes a brand new opportunity should arise.

Hawkes Bay is a really nice Region including the two art Deco cities Napier and Hasting with Napier being the one that really matters. But well as it is I was presumed to stay in a working hostel in Hastings far way from any scenic town centers and events. It doesn't really matter 'cause I am here for some fancy work. I quite didn't like the idea of working on an orchard. My imagination included hot weather and exhausting supervised work. I wouldn't wonder if my imagination included some slave drivers. As it turned out it should become by far the best job I've had so far. The contractor was a really nice guy giving us the opportunities for several brakes and providing us with tea, coffee and pancakes or muffins. Further the work itself was quite easily. You just had to pick the pears from the trees and cause you were paid at an hourly rate you could go at a moderate speed. I also enjoyed listening to my mp3 player while working so the 10 hours per day went by like nothing. It was a really cool job I must tell you. Then came the vineyard work. It was the total opposite (Only the fiberglass wool work was worse). It was contractory work so you had to hurry and brakes you could forget. Added to that came a constant sunshine on you burning you alive. Not even factor 50 suncream could have changed that. I say if the payment would have been alright then I would be glad to do the work but no...even if you hurried like a rabid dog you would make approximately 6 to 8 $ an hour ! So I am glad that the work didn't last for very long.
With my last day in Hastings before family comes from overseas I went to visit Napier. I must say its one of the nicest towns I've seen so far. Everything is in the Art Deco style and everywhere are little parks with palm trees and what soever. A typical small Spanish paradise town as you imagine. Furthermore I visited the biggest Ocean Aquarium in the southern hemisphere as I was told. It somehow turned out to be a flop like the Hamilton zoo and I bet there's a bigger one in Sydney or where ever but I already learned it makes no sense to argue with the Kiwis.

According to a horoscope in the newspapers in a certain week in January a life steering opportunity should rise. Well I quite don't believe in horoscopes but somehow the Kiwi horologist have to be good in this kind of job. As a matter of fact I enrolled at the New Zealand film academy in Auckland for a 3 month study course. Normally this requires a valid TOEFL test and medical exams and so on. I just asked by email if there was a slightest chance for me though I have none of the above things. Adding to that I was already 1 week overdue to the deadline for applications. Thats what I start liking about Kiwis. Its this easy way of life. Everything turned out to be not of a problem and I got a place starting on February the 19th. Everything I had to do is talk to the manager over phone to prove my English skills. No TOEFL no medical exams just a phone call and the application itself...hurray !

So thats all of the good news. Now back to the actual problem that allowed me to have 10 hours of free time to write this blog. I left Hastings on January the 27th to head for Auckland Airport to pick up family. According to the exact time measurement they should arrive in the Arab Emirates flight EK423 on January the 28th at 14:15. I arrived at 13:00 at the airport not knowing that I would spend some nice 10 hours chewing on my fingernails and being nervous what happened. at 16:00 the flight EK423 disappeared from the arrived planes list and still no trace of family. But the plane either they must have missed the plane or they are stuck at the immigration office - Maybe they told me the wrong DATE ?! With that in mind I went to the Airport information center and asked for a passenger list. Sorry sir but this is classified data and only in case of emergencies it is published to public. WTF ? This is an emergency...I need to know if they were on that plane. With another guy approaching me I realized that it would be better not to argue about that and wait at the entrance for signs of intelligent life forms...probably not that intelligent. At 23:00 I left the Airport with the feeling that every minute they would be released from police custody for state conspiracy or whatever left stranded on the airport with no one to pick them up. As it turns out this morning I get a nice message from my father indicating that they are fine and waiting for their connection flight from Brisbane to Auckland. Yeah right...they gave me the middle European time for there arrival, of course. Well now I'll be soon on my way to the airport again. Hopefully this time I'll return with two more people in my van...

Over and Out ! 


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Happy New Year !

Hey Guys 'n Gals ! 

I wish you all a happy new year. May all your hopes and wishes come true and shall no one be ill or sad. Thanks for the many congratulations to my 20th birthday.

Now to all who are interested some fairytales round my christmas and new year in New Zealand.

CHAPTER One : Christmas
I enjoyed the christmasdays over here very much. As you allready should now christmas is celebrated back here on the 25th of december. 24th was more a shopingspree for the ones who still havn't bought any presents. Normally back home this would include me as well but thanks to a nice distance there is no need for buying presents this  - or since its 2007 - last year. I rather enjoyed a cozy day back in the hostel with some fellow travellers (the mixture of people included people from China, Japan, Ireland, Scottland, England, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and some more I can't recall). With so many different people you wonder how everyone is normally celebrating back home so the task was consisting of sharing different christmas spirits and traditions which caused in one or the other point some good laughs.
Except the Africans and New Zealanders for everyone else it was a strange feeling celebrating christmas during summer. As it turned out the weather shouldn't be any different from the good ol' European one.
This means on the 24th heavy rainfall started which wouldn't end before the 26th with a small brake of 4 hours during dinner on the 25th. With the rain falling the summerly normal degrees of something between 22' and 26' droped to a fresh 13' to 15'. So in the end christmas was propably the same as at home with the difference that during the rainbreak we sat outside in the garden and enjoyed a superb christmas dinner consisting of surprisingly lamb and ham. For dessert there where the for Australia and New Zealand famous Pavlovas a cake made of beaten eggs, cream and sugar...lots of sugar. Funny story is that every nation, if it is Australia or New Zealand claims to have invented the Pavlova. Well I guess actually some Russian immigrant invented it but to avoid a national crisis I rather kept quite about that topic and just enjoyed the festivities.
With everything so far beeing more or less simmilar to our homely traditions there was one thing rather surprising to me. Christmascrackers - another invention by the industries to make money  'cause I coudn't get the spirit of that at all and neither did anyone else who wasn't from Britain or any other simmilar country.
A cracker is a huge looking candy with an attached C4 string (Allright its probably not C4 at all but it produces a small "bang" ) and some breathtaking present in it plus a luxurious hat and a marvelous joke.
What it really is - First thing it doesn't explode at all...the stuff didn't work really well (We had to pour some liquor on it to make it "explode" )
The breathtaking present was a crappy plastic whatever better described as rubbish (Even the Kinder-Ei has better stuff !) The luxurious hat is some silly paperthing no one really nows for what (Probably if the toiletpaper is empty ?) and ah...yeah the joke hell I tell you I couldn't hold my breath. Here an example : What wears a house ? - Adress
Allright I stop complaining...despite the crackers it was a really wonderfull christmas experience.

What I nearly forgot... you have to watch "A nightmare before Christmas" by Tim Burton. Awesome peace of animation. The theme won't get out of your head and the creatures are very well done - especially the Pumkinking rockz hard

CHAPTER Two : New Years Eve
For new year there isn't that much to tell as that many people got drunk as always. We went into town where we stayed until it turned to 2007 and went home where I celebrated my birthday with someone else

Next day when I went into the kitchen many partygoers where laying in the corner with a nice headache... 
and some where still drinking... As you can see its everywhere the same ! For 2007 I didn't make any new years resolutions at all... I'll just declare some happenings in 2007 as ones so I don't have to bother.

In other news I am leaving Hamilton after a long and nice stay. Now its time to go on and visit Hastings and Napier - some nice Art Deco towns. Further I'll look for some work at a Vinyard if possible... at least I know one thing - no more fibreglasswool.

Have fun everyone !

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Merry Christmas

So X-Mas is finally coming nearer and nearer. Well until a few days ago I didn't now what I'll be doing on Christmas day. At the hostel are five other people that haven't had a clue as well what to do. So we merged together and will have a nice party on boxers day.
I think it will be a little strange celebrating X-Mas without the cold rainy weather one is used to in Germany
Despite the nice weather we have here and you don't all christmas proceedings are exactly the same. Everyone is shopping, everywhere are commercials with christmas special offers and the giftwraps are printed with Santa and his raindeers ... Or snowy pinetrees and all this stuff. It seems they just imported the European stuff 'cause you wouldn't normally imagine Santa coming in his full clothes to such a warm place. Well who cares... as long as the people spend their money !
Last sunday the annually christmas parade took place. I thought it would be a good idea to take the cam and make some shots from a distinguished place. Funilly my shots seem to be better then the ones on the news beacause I had found a position about ten metres above the parade where you could overlook the whole thing without any heads in front of your lense... Maybe I should've sold the tape. Just kidding

In other news I finally found a job. I managed to get into the portfolio of Tradestaff. So my jobs vary alot. You can check the jobs now at the "Worklog" categorie in the linklist to your right. The jobs here are really hard with normal shifttime of 12 hours at a rather poor payment. The last job was especially nasty with the task of fitting out the roof with a fiberglass wool bedding. This shit is worse then asbest. I mean when you work with asbest you get cancer but at the time you work you don't feel it. But with this fiberglass stuff you have the feeling of dying from horrible itching from the first moment you touch it. And for such a work you get as well just freakin' 11 $ an hour !

Unfortunatelly my car has again trouble and I have to put it to service on monday. It seems to produce more and more exhaust burning failures so I tried to unplug the sparkplugs for a swift cleaning. Unfortunately the things where stuck !!! This must not happen to sparkplugs... crappy little things. And the brakepads have to be changed as well because one week ago the brakes started to sound like a huge freightrain. 

To distract a little from all this X-Mas trouble I went to the cinema to watch the new Bond movie. I have to say despite my very sceptical approach this movie is actually one of the best newage Bondmovies going back to the roots of the former style. This is the movie that should make the bad movies to be forgotten since the movie after hillarious Goldeneye. Though I think that the casino scene is a little too long ... and as many here now how Texas Hold'em works it was no wonder what bonds final hand was - Was just a little too obvious. With the movie beeing to me a real hit Daniel Craig still couldn't convince me as the new Bond. Probably its the fact that the movie shows Bond in his begining and he isn't yet the much experienced British player of her majesty. I'll decide about Craig after the next Bondmovie but for now thats written in the stars - or not.

Hope you like the nwe update. If I don't see you until X-Mas and New Year (how obvious ) I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Ah yeah, before I forget... I wrote a lote of Christmascards but as it seems I wasn't the only one doing so. The guys at the postoffice said that they won't be home before 14th of January

Well the effort counts

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Picture update

There is a new bunch of pictures to be checked out @ WRC and Common !

- More to come soon ! -

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WRC Popecia 2006 New Zealand

So finally the rally is over. It was a weekend of driving not just for the rally drivers but for me as well. The stages of every leg where sometimes in a distance of 70 km to each other forcing every bit of attention from you because of its partially gravel pattern and the windy turns. Thursday was the ceremonial opening but I couldn't really enjoy it because the carpark was closing down at 6:00 PM and I had to drive to the first stage. There I stayed overnight with another bunch of rally freaks enjoying their and my time. Though the first stage was a little foggy it was pretty fun watching the car emerge with its loud exhaust noise out of the fog to take a long lowcut left turn to disappear again leaving a cloud of dust and gravel. With the last car passing the viewing point it was time to get back into the van and drive to the next stage. Unfortunately there was a little problem - the keys where locked in the car. So I had to get a rusty wire from the sheep fence and tried half an hour to open it until the car gave up and returned my keys. Well I think until then I wasn't that bad to my car that it had to lock me out. Probably it new what was coming the next days With the keys returned I drove to the next stage having the chance to get as close as possible to a WRCar passing at a speed of approximately 140 km/h. That I tell you was real rally feeling. With this nice stage finished I had to get to the Event Center Mystery Creek where the Super Special Stage 1 was held. To get there in time and not being bothered by reading the map I followed the Qatar Rally team on its way to the service park. Was really exciting trying to hold pace with a real rally car. Arriving just in time it was rather disappointing to see a SSS made for just one car and not like regularly for two cars at a time. After that a worker from the rally HQ joined me and we drove that evening to the next leg where we would sleep. It turned out that the chosen position was crappy and I drove about five kilometers on the rally track to get to a better point. Unfortunately it rained next day and the rally was more mud than gravel. We left just after the WRCars passed and didn't watch anymore the P-WRC. Unfortunately the parking place was muddy as well and I got stuck 3 times. Next day at the last leg it should be better. Driving on Saturday to a nice sunset to sleep at the stage again I met some crazy folks from Swiss. Partying all night the next day should be the best Leg of all. The viewing point covered an area of 1 kilometer where the track descended to the sea. At the last stage of the rally I got stuck again and this time a jeep had to pull me out destroying my side mirror. Bad luck that was. The ceremonial finish made the loss forget with Groenholm being first followed by his teammate Hirvonen. Third place was given to the Austrian Manfred Stohl. With the cars leaving some P-WRC drivers did some burnouts and donuts giving the rally its final cut. Yeah thats so far everything from the rally.

Now I'll have to look for a job to refill my money


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Hamilton Gardens

I escaped from Auckland !!! After beeing stuck in a trafficjam for over an hour I could engage my journey to Hamilton. Because there is fortunately a motorway conecting Auckland and Hamilton it took only 2 hours to get here. I decided to settle for two days in a nice backpacker called J's. There are some marshals and volunteer helpers from the WRC and one is German so I could organize a trip with him to the stages - that means no enerving search for the stages , YAY ! I had real luck that I arrived yesterday because the backpackers was celebrating some anniversary and there was a big party for free ! The highlight was a grilled sheep. The whole thing was stuck on a spear and turned for 6 hours around its center. Tasted really good. I really have to attend more of this kind of partys. One Maori guy on the party told me that its best beeing in a rural area because they celebrate really often something with a big sheep BBQ.

Was yesterday in the Hamilton Gardens and it was really cool. You can follow the link in my linklist. So it's about a huge garden which is combined out of several types like an Itallian garden or a Chineese one, etc... Have made a lot of pictures but I still have to figure out how to subdue the uploading and resizing problem.

Greetings Martin    

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First steps in NZ

Finally I got to write a blog...
I am totally shirty because the bloody internet in this cafe is awfully slow and the comp keeps crashin' all the time...and a Spanish bitch keeps talking on the next comp in Skype as if no one else is in the room So the only pictures I could resize and upload are a really small selection of the first week in New Zealand. You can see the Auckland Skytower by night...the Skyline of Auckland and some surrounding routes round Auckland an Paihia...nothing very important. Trust me I have a lot more beautiful and better pictures... I'll post 'em later, 'cause today I don't feel anymore for getting angry... So well, my stay in New Zealand is until now pretty nice. The flight was pretty chilly and because the plane started at night and landed in the morning two days later, there was pretty much no jet lag at all. First thing I recognized in Auckland is that there are too many Asians and Germans. So i bought me a nice van (Mitsubishi L300 98') from a nice Kiwi ... Driving here is quite easy 'cause there is not much traffic. Though the gravel roads can be quite challenging. I took my van and went down to Paihia where i hoped to get a nice job and so I did. Worked in a nice Pizzabar where a Czech cook was working... Pizza and drinks for free as much as you can. I also engaged a little in the volunteer fire fighter service in Paihia and joined some nice trainings. In days where I had off work I traveled 'round Northland from beach to beach. One looks quite nicer as the former but after the fifth beach you keep the cam pocketed because its still the same...looong sand beach with small islands in a bay with blue water and all that stuff...just like you imagine a nice trip to Fiji or wherever. Inlands tropic forest alternate pine forest at all distance. And guess whats between the forests... some really long green plains with plenty of sheep. Quite nice to look at. Now I am back in Auckland but I'm really looking forward to leave it... this town doesn't belong to NZ says even the ordinary Kiwi. I'll take course on Hamilton for the WRC and after that I'll look for some work at either an airport, casino or well everything else I can get.

So thats so far everything for today...
have to look for a nice place to stay overnight

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